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Alexander has written a number of screenplays, two of which have been optioned recently: "EYES WITHOUT" and "FIVE DEMONS". "30 Cuts Deep - The Pilot" was produced in 2013. The feature screenplay is in the works and will begin production in 2015. 

"EYES WITHOUT" is a Sci-Fi Action Drama about a man who desperately seeks his wife after she mysteriously vanishes from their near-death car accident in the mountains, and a controversial UFO researcher who is convinced he knows the truth about her disappearance - Prepare For A Completely Unexpected Conclusion!!

"FIVE DEMONS" is an action suspense thriller about a young woman skilled in bone-breaking martial arts who intercepts a hit on her police officer father, thus making it her business to find out who and why, while the police department, and her own father, attempt to keep her from the unsettling truth - THRILLS! CHILLS! KILLS!

In preparation for the feature film "CHARLA" beginning production late in 2015, Alexander began writing and directing a series of Micro Horror Movies. 

The very first one "DAFFID" was shot "quick and easy" with no professional equipment and no crew, so naturally it's far from perfect (except for audio and acting!). It features an instrospective killer.




Micro Horror Movie #2, "SABINA" is completed and available for viewing below! Produced with a small professional crew and shot in 5K (1K for each minute of film:) featuring actress Danny Lima and Award Winning Actor David Kwiat (also featured in "DAFFID").


Micro Horror Movie #3 "A LITTLE PANIC, A LITTLE FEAR" is also available for viewing below and was screened November 2014 in Miami, FL. It once again features actress Danny Lima in a leading role.





"MISS AMALIA" Micro Horror Movie #4 





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